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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 11 March 2019 11:34

Post your Quest hub related tasks here, any updates or corrections needed, and of course your suggestions to the Supercapacitor Quest community.

Elena Olivera Begué

Date: 30 April 2019 16:18

Event for energy storage:

Florian Lienert

Date: 29 June 2020 16:52

The timeline:

I just have two somewhat interconnected points regarding the timeline, not limited to, but mainly intended for the Supercapacitors project:

  1. All the steps along the way are just x Wh/kg. That's not very interesting to follow, nobody will be invested in that. There have to be more engaging steps taken along the way to the goal. Maybe goals that don't have so much to do with the finished product than what we as a community can actually achieve... Get a certain company or organisation interested, get funding, find a solution for that problem, ...
  2. On none of the projects I have looked at have any of the steps towards the goal ever been completed (only the epidemic response project has 20% completion but they don't have a timeline). Make the steps on the timeline easier to achieve so that not all the projects have 0% completion, how lame is that? Which leads us back to point 1 because if we create goals that we have to achieve then that wil go hand in hand with a higher completion rate!

Anyway those are my thoughts,

Florian Lienert

Florian Lienert

Date: 29 June 2020 18:37

The overview tab:

I like the overview tab. It explains the concept, advantages and disadvantages clearly and understandably! However it is very technical and I could imagine many people might not now what a DC-DC converter or a pseudocapacitor are, but I suppose it's good to go in-depth so people can actually come up with new ideas. One other point: "-40᠐ C to +70᠐ C" was displayed as -400C to +700C which I only noticed because -400°C is not a real thing. On PC as well the "°" looks weird but that could just be the font.

Overall pretty solid and shouldn't be a big priority, especially as I'm given to understand that the Human Viral Disease Project is mostly being focused on right now!

Florian Lienert

Simon Brändle

Date: 30 June 2020 10:29

also make it so that you can answer other people instead of just top to bottom listing all comments

Florian Lienert

Date: 30 June 2020 11:34

Supercapacitors : tasks

Hello everybody,

I took a deeper look at the tasks, specifically of the Supercapacitor section.

To better understand what we're looking at I removed all tasks that we're written twice or three times and then color coded them the following way:

Publicity and boosting activity on the site-> Green;

Improving the site/data itself -> Yellow;

Actually Advancing Supercapacitors -> Red

This color coding system isn't perfect because many tasks belong in two categories and it's not really clear what I mean but I think it's ok to visualize the problem. So, here is the list:


  • Share this quest
  • EASY action: Invite a like-minded 1/3
  • Post idea for advancing supercapacitors
  • EASY action: Comment on article on supercapacitors 1/3
  • EASY action: Reply to comment 1/3
  • Suggest content for SANDBOX tab
  • EASY action: Give our community feedback 1/3
  • Share existing project or idea
  • EASY action: Give feedback to idea 1/3
  • Suggest missing Milestone
  • Add to NETWORK list
  • Join or start a local meetup focusing on supercapacitors
  • Update NETWORK links
  • Brainstorm and share idea for reaching Milestone
  • EASY action: Add new article on supercapacitors 1/3
  • Suggest data source
  • Suggest missing parameter
  • Update Milestones
  • Update LIBRARY tab
  • Suggest updates to Progress bar based on data
  • Update OVERVIEW tab
  • Suggest updates to Progress bar based on news updates
  • Find data for tracking supercapacitors
  • Validate or update data for supercapacitors
  • Participate in specific projects at Just One Giant Lab that relate to supercapacitors
  • Help solve challenges at OpenIDEO that relate to supercapacitors
  • Support a local group or individual that works with advancing supercapacitors towards a better world
  • Help solve challenges at Innocentive that relate to supercapacitors
  • Hack supercapacitors
  • Start your own project

Now, my problem is the following:

What and who is this website actually for? People who actually work as researchers/"scientists" will probably have a much deeper understanding of the subject matter than what the general public can put together from a few vulgarized articles. And the general public will probably not visit this website to see an overview of data if they aren't already invested in it, so I believe the site is also limited in it's capabilites to draw more attention to the subjects.

So I believe that the green tasks are good for the site but aren't going to do much for what the site is actually trying to achieve and the yellow ones which are mainly about validating data aren't going to help actual researchers much because they temselves will have much more reliable sources of information.

I think that the tasks should put a bigger focus on the red tasks, amateurs coming up with their own ideas also called citizen science. The concept of the website is great so far and a superb start but I believe that dedicated volunteers, the people coming to this site, would and could help more directly in advancing the science. The tasks right now are very vague and many will probably not now where to start, so here are some of my ideas of things amateur researchers could do:

-If the website could get in direct contact with actual researchers working on the matter, volunteers could directly take tasks from them like data analysis or maybe just writing emails, proofreading papers, ... (obviously it's hard to get in contact with "actual scientists" and they already have undergrads and the like to track down citations or similiar things)

-for younger visitors there could be instructions template experiments they could do (with or without their parents) that are relatet to the topic, in this case electricity, batteries, ... (maybe even some digital simulations) Just some more stuff to do on the website would greatly help drive traffic and keep people around for longer, as well as spark some interest and passion in the topic and the scientific method in general

-Some actual pr for the topic (not just the humanitrack website); organizing protests (maybe not right now...) against pollution, for clean energy ...; Informing about the topics and how people can help with posters or on their own youtube channel; People could snap pictures of the march, yt channel, sign, ... and earn some recognition on the site through receiving these "experience points" (also I believe right now all the tasks are worth the same amount? Obviously it'd be better if you get more "xp" for bigger taks, but I'm not sure if that's not already the case)

-And finally I believe it would be great if experiments could be crowdsourced (not sure if that's the right word), so that someone has an idea and than multiple people can work together to design and perform an experiment testing their hypothesis; I know you're already trying to implement that but it doesn't really work so well; splitting it up in different tasks might help for example an event on the website where a group of people decide to Skype, Zoom, ... then they brainstorm, assign tasks (formulating hypothesis, designing the experiment and that way everybody doesn't have to do all the steps completely alone); Of course this would work as well in just the normal online forum rather than videochat.

I'm not sure how useful my thoughts were because many of these things are already being implemented and it's just hard to perfect them, especially as there isn't much activity on the website but anyway...

In conclusion I suppose it would be good if there were more focused tasks actually directed towards the specific goal!

Thanks for reading,

Florian Lienert

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 30 June 2020 12:28

@Simon Brändle thanks for your input...would be great to have nested replies in comments and it is a future feature we want, but out of our budget and scope right now.

@Florian Lienert, you are the most active and vocal Humanitrack Hero we've had since launching a year ago...thank you for this and all of your input and ideas! Note that the audience varies depending on the Quest...for supercapacitors our main audience are those students studying it and researchers working with the subject. We would like non-technical people to be able to join in so there has to be simple tasks for them too (the green ones). All Quests need to have a base community of heroes both here and behind the scenes... and in this Supercapacitors Quest community we definitely need a few experts to help review and guide our overviews and roadmaps the community comes up with.

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