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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 11 March 2019 13:21
  1. Create a new topic in Quest lab
  2. Title it with "Quest : Supercapacitors : Ideas : <your idea title here>"
  3. Categories (project-lab)
  4. And fill out the post with your bright idea or ideas!
  5. Finally copy and paste the URL of this topic with a short summary of your idea here!

Jacob Svenningsen

Date: 30 April 2019 16:34

Quest: Supercapacitors: Ideas: Airplane Hybrid integration

  • Integration of supercapacitor in an airplane lift vehicle

Imagine an airplane taking off and reaching 45.000 ft altitude with a supercapacitor lift vehicle.

The energy for lifting the airplane to this altitude comes from a large under fuselage

The engines are electric and an energy storage is onboard for emergency situations for a nother 40min flight.

Id like to hear from people who wanna do the same

Florian Lienert

Date: 29 June 2020 18:25

Using supercapacitors as emergency storage units for stranded people in isolated places.

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