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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 21 November 2019 09:18

Please share your thoughts for features or anything to make our platform better!

You can also access our public Trello board to follow our latest platform development:

We're limited by funding currently with what we can implement, but we'll do our best to fix and implement the critical stuff!

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 29 June 2020 17:13

@Florian Lienert thanks for your feedback on the comments not showing up immediately...we are aware of this bug. A page refresh will make your new comment appear, but we know this is annoying and not ideal.

Also, the Task system is very basic at the moment due to budget constraints and need for more user testing and feedback. We apologize that there are multiple copies of the same task in the Tasks pool, but this is currently the only way for multiple users to do the same task at the same time.

Finally, at this moment in time, our Epidemic Response Quest is the only Quest we are 100% focused on...we will return our efforts to building and refining all of our other Quests when we have the time and user base to handle these. Stay tuned!

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