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Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 27 April 2020 12:19

We'll be posting content from our Slack #epidemic-response channel so you can follow along with what is happening in the Epidemic Response Quest from the inside!

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 27 April 2020 12:20

:rocket:Hey ERQ Volunteer Heroes!!!

  • Goals this week include:

-Finish fleshing out LIBRARY-Quest Research resources section (everyone should help with this!)

-Main focus on SOLUTIONS sheet (updating and fleshing out all sections)

-Finishing major LIBRARY sheet changes and additions (Sreya leading this)

-Finishing and posting our COVID-19 state of testing editorial article (awesome work Chase, Larry, and Eleni)

-More on-boarding of new volunteers (we have 14 queued up who need to be contacted)

-Figuring out a better way to handle and track the To-do tasks and volunteer activity/tasks

-Figuring out a weekly meeting

  • Yiin has taken the initiative with our new group of PMs (@Yiin Tham @Nilesh Rajule @Moyo Adenmosun) to streamline our on-boarding and she did a great job! Check out the Home document for links to the new on-boarding document as well as a link to a new sheet called Team Resources which contains all the useful links for volunteers.

  • I have cleaned up the contents of the Epidemic Response Google Drive folder so it matches what is in Team Resources...everything else is tucked away in the "Epidemic Response - MISC" folder. I removed some workspace documents that we weren't using to try and keep things simple.

  • I have added an "Other or archived links" column in SOLUTIONS to put news links that you might find for updates to the solution.

  • Great work on fleshing out the EVENTS sheet Chase, April, and anyone else who worked on this!

  • Lots of things in the To-do list so please check it out.
  • Here is to another great week everyone!!!

Edited: 27 April 2020 12:21

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 01 May 2020 10:02

:heart_eyes_cat:Hi ERQ team! Lot's to update you all on...

  • Our first article is posted!!! Shared on SoMe channels...see the links in the "To do list" so you can like/tag/comment! I spent too long on this first article...future ones will be created faster and be even less formal. Who would like to own and start another of these articles, the state of vaccine?

  • We need a few questions to ask Copenhagen Nanosystems about their unique testing solution in development. Go read the write-up they made for us and send me your questions to forward to Emil and his team! Want to post this article this weekend.

  • We're close to releasing the new To-do spreadsheet, today or tomorrow we'll make it official...thanks to April and Yiin for your efforts

  • There are some definite limitations to working with a single SOLUTIONS sheet as I have experienced. For example, we can't easily freeze some of the section headers so we can keep track of the columns...this makes it a pain in the ass when working the data metrics for the testing solutions for example. Let's come up with some solutions! I had an idea to fill in blank cells with a faint text label of the column header...doesn't fully solve the problem.

  • Another limitation that Rubén and I started exploring is how to better handle sorting in the LIBRARY and SOLUTION sections. Ideas are also welcome here. We could split the larger SOLUTION sections into their own sheets...this would also solve the row freezing issue already mentioned. This also leads to an idea I had to make the public sheets shown at the ERQ only be a curated view of the best SOLUTIONS/LIBRARY resources, but still have links to fully sortable sheets.

  • I'm late in writing those 14 (now 16) potential volunteers so I'll do that next.

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 04 May 2020 10:07

:star2:Greetings ERQ Volunteer Heroes...

  • Welcome welcome WELCOME all new heroes! We have even more volunteers on-boarding this week so please continue to make them feel at home and help them where possible

  • Our second article is posted! Please take 5 minutes to go like and comment at all locations for all the below links. I'll spend time (and some marketing budget) pushing this as well so it gets into the right hands and spreads.

  • Will someone please share the above FB link to the CoronavirusTechHandbook FB page feed for us?

  • I will be working on defining goals and our community's roadmap for May and beyond and the tasks will be reflected in our new To Do List....stay tuned!

  • Our new weekly ZOOM meeting, ERQ - Quest Hero Hangout is tomorrow (Tuesday). Add it to your calendar with this link
  • Let's go have another amazing week! Thank you all for your continued contributions.

Maxwell Hartman

Professor H
Date: 18 May 2020 09:46

:mega:Hello fellow ERQ Heroes!

  • This week will have us continuing our work to have all sections ready for a public re-launch of the ERQ around the first week of June. I'll do all I can to lead by example on the 4 mini-projects: OVERVIEW, DATA, Roadmaps, and COVID-19 Dashboard. Hopefully we can get some of you to take over as Primary Heroes of these! Direct message me if you want to help.

  • One of our new heroes mentioned it was hard to know where to start and find new/updated information for the sheets. This is one of the ideas behind our On-Going Task of "Quest Research resources". Please do spend some time this week adding places to find information for the different sheets besides just "Google it".

  • Marketing team formation continued. Peter will be wrapping his head around our marketing and communications needs and a strategy...Egle will hopefully get back to improving our Search Engine Optimization and finding other easy wins for us. I will be creating volunteer/internship postings.

  • Prepping for a new weekly status email on Mondays for the team. Updates, week in review, spotlight on exceptional Heroes. Moyo will be contacting some of you for this!

  • New folder Playground and new channel here #sheet_playground . Moved the Playground for experimenting with sheets and functionality here and feel free to join discussions about the Playground and Toolbox in this new Slack channel.

  • We'll be having our weekly meetup again tomorrow (Tuesday May 19th), ZOOM details to follow.

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