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Using Supercapacitors as an emergency energy source in isolated areas like deserts

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Florian Lienert

Date: 29 June 2020 18:23

In some parts of the world, like isolated deserts, there is absolutely noone to help you in case of an accident. I believe this could be a perfect opportunity for supercapacitors to shine.

Emergency storage boxes along the road in a desert could be stocked up with supercapacitors to give energy to people who, say ran out of power with their electric car. The reason they would be best is because of

  • Their resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Their low maintenance requirements
  • Safety, so civilians would be safe to operate around them
  • Lack of dangerous chemicals or toxic materials
  • Their safety in regards to mistreatement

Additionally the usually assumed downside(s) would not be as severe:

  • Cost is not much of an issue if you're stuck in the desert and about to die

The way this could be financed would be in the following ways:

  • Private sector: Provisionally put up emergency energy storage boxes, then charge right at the station or later when back in society by requiring to leave contact information
  • Government funding
  • Fundraising

Regardless of who might actually put this into place, it could get more people and thus funding directed towards supercapacitors.

Florian Lienert

Simon Brändle

Date: 30 June 2020 10:26

That could actually work. As we see an increase in demand for electrical cars, I suppose this might be a viable way to maek some profit off of supercapacitors.

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