Illnesses due to viruses, from HIV to the common cold and new epidemics

Converting and storing our generated energy to power our cities, homes, devices and vehicles.

Screening, detection, diagnosis, and monitoring of Cancer. Striving for early, accurate, safe and cost effective methods.

Prevention & handling of widespread infectious diseases through science and tech, with focus on COVID-19

A battery with solid electrodes and electrolytes to improve safety, cycle life, and charging times.

Diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to spread


Indefinite lifespan

Living as long as we desire in a constant state of perfect health and well-being.

Climate controlled

Regulating Earth’s temperatures, sea level, and weather to a healthy balance.

Harmony with nature

Humans will live without polluting their environment and without disrupting their plant and animal neighbors.

Harmony with technology

Humans will live in peace with artificial intelligence and integrate with other forms of advanced technology.

Peace on Earth

Humans will live in harmony with each other without war and hatred.

Thriving human culture

Focusing our minds and creativity on arts, recreation, and whatever else makes it a joy to be alive.

Colonize Solar System

Earth is our current home, but we need to spread ourselves across our solar system to help ensure our survival as a species.

Explore ourselves and universe

We must constantly seek to understand the unknown and advance our collective knowledge of the cosmos.