April 2020:
-Launch and growth of Epidemic Response Quest
-DSG Design Sprint Webinar featuring Humanitrack (Apr 30)

September 2020:
-Holdbart festival (Sep 10-12)
-SDG Tech Awards 2020 (Sep 11) Humanitrack is nominated!!!
-TechBBQ (Sep 17+18)

October 2020:

-Current runway ends (obviously need to avoid reaching this point before securing funding and/or revenue)

November 2020:

-G-STIC 2020 (Nov ???)
-Web Summit (Nov 2-5)
-DTU High Tech Summit (Nov 18-19)

December 2020:
-Aim to have 10 Quests in total

December 2021:
-Aim to have 40 Quests in total

December 2022:
-Aim to have 80 Quests in total

December 2023:
-Over 100 Quests are live and thriving