October 2019:
-Initial Task system live!!!
-DISIE: Days of Impact (Oct 2)
-Quest research for Fuel Cells
-Quest research for Synthetic Fuels
-Contact from Industriens Fond (by mid Oct)
-Cancer Screening Quest launched (Cancer week Oct 21)

-Cancer Screening Quest community growth

-DTU High Tech Summit (Oct30+31) 


November 2019:

-Cancer Screening Quest Event, uniting students/researchers/experts and working on Quest (Nov ??)

-Cancer Screening Quest growth: ambassador program, partnerships, core community established

-Industriens Fond grant results (Nov ??)
-Novo Nordisk Fonden grant results (Nov ??)

December 2019:
-Possible funding start of Novo Nordisk Fonden

-Fuel Cells & Synthetic Fuels Launch with DTU Department of Energy Conversion and Storage: (Dec ??)

January 2020:
-Energy Storage Launch: Flywheels, via WattsUp Power's California trip (Jan ?)