Origin Story

2030 is in less than 12 years. Granted, a lot can happen in a decade, but in my 4 decades of existence I have mainly witnessed a back and forth battle of politics, governments, and selfish greedy individuals. There is no united humanity. Hell, I was stuck for 2 decades in the rat race and was pretty content with my house in the suburbs, two cars, two kids and a great paying career. I cared about what was outside the bubble I was living in but couldn't really do anything to make a difference in the grand scheme of things. How many others are out there like me, content with making ends meet, raising a family, yet concerned with the world outside their bubble falling apart?

Complacency in our bubbles, greed, politics, corruption, hate, discrimination...these things breed bad and illogical decisions, stifle progress, and divide us as a species. I spent my first 2 decades growing up in America and having a very capitalistic and self-serving attitude. My latest 2 decades, my "adult" years, have been spent growing up again in Denmark and getting a more socialistic and sharing attitude. This unique combination, mixed with my logical, yet creative personality, has molded me into the man I am now with the vision I have. A man who has now exited the safe confines of his bubble and is on a path to unite our species in a way that few, if any, have tried to do.

How do I contribute to making a radical impact in just 12 years? How do others like me make an impact? How do we build a grassroots movement to unite people with similar visions and bring together new ideas and provide the necessary resources to make these new ideas a reality? How do we create action around the goals set for 2030 and how do we go beyond these altruistic, yet limited in scope, goals?

My thoughts gravitate towards problem solving. The goals of mankind should be to live, love, thrive, survive, prosper, and create. In the long run we should strive to live in balance and peace on our home world, yet finally travel beyond it and continue to seek understanding of our cosmos. From a problem solving, logical, scientific point of view we must take this desired outcome, these endgames, and map out a way to get there. I know and support the UN's sustainable development goals, but again most of the solutions are rooted deeply in politics. Politics can work but they're not guaranteed and they are usually slow. The real solutions come from innovation, science, technology and the collaboration and funding behind them. Yes, this funding can and usually does come from governments, and it can unfortunately also come from greedy corporations. What I want is to build a network of anyone and everyone on this planet who wants to define the milestones needed to be achieved in our march towards 2030 and beyond as well as the solutions and resources needed to make them happen. I want this network to be fueled by a sense of unity as a species and a planet. I want this network to find and share solutions in a free and collaborative manner. I want us as a community to drive innovation...push the pedal on it to insane, then ludicrous, and finally plaid.

I must admit, some of my intentions are a bit selfish. I mean, I really am in no hurry to shed this mortal coil and want to live for hundreds of years and see just how far we can go in advancing our species and technologies. I want my kids to grow up in a world that is on the right path and I want them to have the freedom to live, love, and create right along with everyone else. I want to fly to the moon, see all the many future Star Wars and Marvel iterations, try both the Holodeck and The Matrix. Technology is my spice of life and I want to taste oh so much more.

My solution is Humanitrack. Humanitrack is nothing revolutionary in its design nor technology. It is just as simple and stupid a combination of existing components as the Post-It note was. What is special about Humanitrack is that the world needs it and doesn't fully know it yet. I believe we are paving the way to uniting our fractured and selfish species. We are starting to level the playing field by distributing knowledge and in-turn technology and solutions to everyone in the world. We disrupt the old systems with this decentralization and induce and or hasten the many ensuing decentralizations of other systems. On this journey, in this long game, Humanitrack will be there to formulate paths to finding solutions to all of the many new issues that pop-up along the way due to the disruptions or other unforeseen events.

So here I am. 41 years old and at the very start of my new life. A life now dedicated to getting us all on track.

Maxwell “Professor H” Hartman, Founder & CEO

Humanitrack was founded in February 2018 by Maxwell Hartman who had recently lost his mother to Cancer and was frustrated with the lack of clear and organized information on the status of technologies related to Cancer screening. Prior to this, Maxwell was also constantly looking for ways to become an entrepreneur and seeking an outlet for his ideas on how to solve global problems. These events led to his formation of Humanitrack.